Characters: 14 featured roles, principals & supporting + junior chorus
Running Time: Approx 2hrs 15mins


The action is set in old London town, on board the good ship Queen Camilla and on the enchanted desert island of Napoodle.  

London is well and truly infested with rodents, so when Dick Whittington and Tommy the Cat arrive in London to seek their fortune they decide to turn their hand (and paw) to pest control at Alderman Fitzwarren’s business warehouse and the little schoolroom run by his daughter, where dinner lady Sarah Stewpot torments pupils with her revolting culinary concoctions.

But with world domination on his mind, King Rat can’t risk Dick ruining his plans and frames him for theft. However, our young hero and his feline friend won’t give up without a fight and follow the Fitzwarren household as they take to the high seas on the good Queen Camilla under the command of hapless Captain Plunger. 

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Character List

Dick Whittington, a clever and charming young man seeking his fortune
Tommy, his faithful cat
Sarah Stewpot, loud and flamboyant cook and housekeeper to the Fitzwarrens
Idle Jack, Sarah’s cheerful and cheeky nephew
Alice Fitzwarren, a kind hearted and plucky young women
Alderman Fitzwarren, Alice’s fussy and bumbling father
Fiona Funnypenny, the Alderman’s highly efficient financial secretary 
Queen Rat, a power-hungry villainous rodent, ruler of the all the world’s rats
Fester, Queen Rat’s incompetent hench-rat
Squirm, Fester’s dim-witted assistant
Fairy Glitz, a sensational and dazzling magical being
Fairy Glamour, her equally fabulous companion
Horatio Plunger, the completely clueless Captain of the Queen Camilla
The Emperor of Napoodle, a whimsical eccentric
London Street urchins, school children, rats, monkeys