Characters: 16 featured roles, principals and supporting
Running Time: Approx 2hrs 15mins


The action is set in and around a town called Little Twinge in the Kingdom of Aching.  

After venturing into a mysterious woodland known as Fangthorn Forest, Prince Justin encounters a wicked witch called Repugna Coldfinger who, for purposes of her own, turns the unfortunate Royal into a frog. Escaping from his captures, the Frog Prince meets the forgetful Fairy Dewdrop, and although she cannot break the curse, she tries to counteract the magic by casting a spell to help him. She tells him all he needs is one kiss from a princess to transform him back – however the princess must not know that he is really a human prince or the spell will fail and he will remain a frog forever.

Meanwhile Dame Dotty Trotter has problems of her own, as she and her unruly staff attempt to secure a catering contract for the upcoming Diamond Jubilee of King Montgomery against rival restaurateur Cordelia Glitch. 

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Character List

King Montgomery, ruler of the Kingdom of Aching, has reigned for 50 years

Princess Angelica, his youngest and most spoiled daughter, eager to marry

Prince Justin, a prospective suitor for Angelica from the Kingdom of Flimflam 

Repugna Coldfinger, a cunning and power-hungry witch 

Hogbog, a troll-pig hybrid, Repugna’s loyal servant and familiar

Dotty Trotter, proprietor of Dot’s Diner & leader of the Belly Busters

Jimmy Jamms, Dame Dotty’s nephew and chef at Dot’s Diner

April Showers, Jimmy’s best friend and waitress at Dot’s Diner

Cordelia Glitch, manager of rival restaurant, Cordelia’s

Jean-Pierre Flambé, award winning chef at Cordelia’s 

Fairy Dewdrop, a kind-hearted woodland nymph in Fangthorn Forest

Stretch Pilates, an extreme fitness instructor

Townsfolk and members of local diet group, the Belly Busters: 

Miss Sternly, school mistress 

Miss Belcher, shoe shop owner

Trisha Fisher, hairdresser

Mrs Rummage, sweet shop owner