Characters: 20 featured roles, principals & supporting (doubling possible) + junior Chorus
Running Time: Approx 2hrs 15mins


The action is set in and around a village called Uphill Struggle, a realm of magic known as Enchantia and on Planet Gander in a galaxy far away.  

All is not well in Uphill Struggle. The WI ladies are falling out over plans for the May Fair, all the Morris Dancers have two left feet and Mother Goose has got money worries. Poor Gloria is rapidly running out of cash and is under threat of eviction from her little cottage. Luckily good Fairy Collywobbles decides to send the Goose family a gift of a magical goose called Priscilla who has the ability to lay golden eggs.

Suddenly life couldn’t be richer for the Gloria but something is still missing in her life; a man maybe, or even beauty? Lord Malignum the demon king couldn’t agree more and sets about tempting the dear, vulnerable lady with the promise of eternal youth and good looks. 

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Character List

Mother Goose (Gloria), the dame 
Primrose, her daughter 
Tulip, her second daughter 
Priscilla, their pet goose 
Professor Whimsey, an inventor & neighbour to the Gooses 
Squire Skinflint (Clarence), Mother Goose’s landlord 
Colin, his son 
Malcolm Powder, a bailiff 
Bert Toast, his assistance 
Fairy Collywobbles, a good fairy 
Lord Malignum, the Demon King 
Hilda Bunting, chairperson of the WI 
Mavis Doyley, the secretary of the WI 
Miss Prim, an outspoken member of the WI 
Miss Proper, her equally outspoken friend 
Mrs Chutney, WI member 
Mrs Tombola, WI member 
Spirit of the Fountain 
King Goosequill, King of Gooseland  
Goosepimple, his lord Chamberlain