Characters: 16 featured roles, principals and supporting + junior Chorus
Running Time: Approx 2hrs 15mins


The action is set at King Humphrey’s Palace and in a village called Much Belching in the Kingdom of Dyspepsia. 

The peace and tranquillity in the kingdom of Dyspepsia is shattered as Queen Esmerelda’s screams echo around the maternity ward of the palace hospital. The beautiful baby Princess Adora is born and looks set to have an idyllic life until she is cursed by evil fairy Dark Ada.

As Adora’s twenty first birthday approaches, the Royal household prepare to protect their beloved Princess from pricking her finger and falling to sleep for one hundred years. But with Nurse Nellie causing chaos on the dance floor and a horse rampaging through the hospital wards, will anyone notice Pimpleworm the goblin luring Adora to her fate?

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Character List

King Humphrey, the nervous and bumbling ruler of the Kingdom of Dyspepsia

Queen Esmeralda, his flashy and frivolous wife

Princess Adora, their only child and our ‘sleeping beauty’

Prince Vincent, our handsome and charming hero 

Rupert, a pantomime horse and the Prince’s faithful companion

Nurse Nellie Nightingale, Adora’s outrageous nurse and nanny

Jemima Jolly, Adora’s bodyguard and best friend

Sir Alistair Blunt, the pompous and efficient Lord Chamberlain 

Sammy Snivel, the miserable court jester

Doctor Wilbur Goodblood, Chief Medic in the palace hospital

Matron Henrietta Clench, the stern and brusque Matron

Nurse Phillipa Fibia, a sharp and efficient member of the nursing team

Nurse Trixie Tibia, another nurse, enthusiastic but scatterbrained

Fairy Bliss, a good fairy and principal of a fairy finishing school

Dark Ada, a bad fairy and the our villain

Pimpleworm, a goblin and Dark Ada’s loyal servant

Junior Chorus: 

Sebastian, Francessca, Eleanor, Charlotte – Royal Children 

Edwin, Victoria, Juliet, Arthur young Adora’s Friends

Jacob, Anna, Isabelle, Alice, Madeleine, Rosie, Harriet, Clara, Georgina, Sam, Alex, Peter village children

Blossom, Whisper, Moonbeam, Ember, Silvermist, Melody – fairies

Mudgrub, Bogfungus, Sourwart goblins