Characters: 15 featured roles, principals and supporting + junior chorus
Running Time: Approx 2hrs 15mins


The action is set in and around a town called Flummox in the Kingdom of Bamboozle and the magical realm in the sky known as Cloudland.  

The Trott family live a happy, carefree life until ruthless television executive Ammonia Splinter sacks Dame Trott and Jack from their jobs at Sunshine TV Studios. It isn’t long before they find themselves without a penny to their name and they reluctantly decide to sell the beloved family pet Daisy the cow to earn some money.

However, when Jack’s brother Simon returns from market with the news that he has exchanged the cow for nothing but a bag of beans, the situation looks hopeless and, in a temper, Dame Trott hurls the beans out of the window. In the morning, a ginormous beanstalk is growing in their garden and Jack, encouraged by trainee fairy Rosie Glow, climbs up into the clouds closely followed by his mother, brother and a film crew from Sunshine TV. 

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Character List

Jack Trott, the fearless and intrepid hero of our story

Dame Tallulah Trott, Jack’s outrageously extravagant mother 

Simon Trott, Jack’s sweet and silly older brother

Daisy the Cow, the Trott faithful family pet

Ammonia Splinter, the hard-faced executive producer of Sunshine TV

Jill Splinter, Ammonia’s lovely daughter and Jack’s girlfriend

Charles Toupée, an arrogant and snide newsreader on Sunshine TV News

Mitsy Twinkle, Charles’ vivacious and preening counterpart on the newsdesk

Bernie Bragmore, the dithering egotist who directs Sunshine TV News

Samantha Grin, the tenacious roving reporter on Sunshine TV News

Septimus Fleshcreep, the Giant’s vile and contemptible henchman 

Rosie Glow, a ready, willing but not very able trainee fairy

Giant Blunderbore, a sinister tyrant who terrorises the Kingdom of Bamboozle

Delia Fishmould, the foul and nasty cook at the Giant’s Castle 

Myrtle Turtle, a miserable but kindly elderly maid working for the Giant

Chicken, a rather talkative and anxious hen

Village Children: Edward, Jennifer, Lucy, Abigail, George, Emma, Thomas, Billie, Pip, Robin, Jamie, Charlie

Television crew: Camera man, sound man, make-up artist, etc

Assorted Giant Bugs

Assorted Villagers