Characters: 15 featured roles, principals & supporting + junior chorus
Running Time: Approx 2hrs 20mins


The action is set in and around a village called Loose End in the Kingdom of Codswallop.  

With nowhere to live and not a penny to his name, Tom and his pet cat are feeling low. Luckily for them, Tom’s best friend Treacle persuades her mum to take on a lodger and soon they are happily settled at Dame Victoria Sponge’s pet pamper parlour. Tom’s luck continues to change for the better when he meets the beautiful Princess Adele and they fall in love.

Nothing seems to be able to spoil this happiness until the evil ogre Lord Grimguts, who is terrorising the kingdom, has the Princess kidnapped. Tom must save the day but not without the help of his newly enchanted cat – the one and only Puss in Boots!

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Character List

Tom Merridew, a charming and handsome young man down on his luck
Puss, his faithful cat
Dame Victoria Sponge, glamorous proprietor of the local pet pamper parlour
Treacle Sponge, Dame Sponge’s daughter and Tom’s best friend
Lord Grimguts, an evil ogre 
Uriah Kreepe, personal assistant and private secretary to Lord Grimguts
Dipsey, Uriah’s dim-witted head henchman
Mudflap, Dipsey’s silent second-in-command
Bunion, the hunchbacked head servant to Lord Grimguts
King Archibald, the reluctant ruler of Codswallop
Princess Adele, his spirited youngest daughter
Baroness Von Flytrapp, an arrogant socialite and noblewoman
Valentine Von Flytrapp, her spoilt son
Fairy Poppins, a magical being
Bobby Dazzler, head stylist at Dame Sponge’s Pet Pamper Parlour
Marjory Manners, Mother Oak to the Woodland Wanderers
Police Constable World, the local ‘bobby on the beat’ 
Woodland Wanderers, street cats, castle creatures.