When their parents die, a young brother and sister called Hansel and Gretel are entrusted into the care of a distant relative, the Sheriff of Nottingham; an unscrupulous man eager to acquire the fortune left to the children that will pass to him if they should die.

With this in mind, he arranges for Hansel and Gretel to be taken deep into the heart of Sherwood Forest to be left for the wolves. However, in an attempt to rescue the children, their nursemaid, Nanny Mangle, enlists the help of Robin Hood and his Merry Men to search and scour the forest they know so well.

They are soon in hot pursuit but it is a race against time as Hansel and Gretel stumble upon a Gingerbread Cottage that holds dark secrets of its own . . .

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Character List

Robin Hood, a heroic outlaw
Maid Marian, Robin’s betrothed
Little John, Robin’s right-hand man
Friar Tuck, a monk
Will Scarlet, another of the Merry Men
The Sheriff of Nottingham, a black-hearted villain
Hansel, the Sheriff’s ward
Gretel, Hansel’s sister
Nanny Mangle, the children’s nursemaid
Clara Loft, the Sheriff’s servant
Hernia Septic, an unscrupulous crone
Weasel, Hernia’s dim-witted nephew
Fairy May McSquirrel, a forest nymph
Caramella Marchpane, a wicked witch
Sherbet, the witch’s scrawny talking crow
Village children, forest birds, Caramella’s minions, enchanted toys.


“Superbly written by local playwright Kei Bailey, the script for this pantomime contained prolific punning, plenty of great gags and lively songs – all within a well-structured story line.”


Peter Breach


Peter Breach_NODA Show Report_Jan18