Characters: 14 featured roles, principals & supporting + junior chorus
Running Time: Approx 2hrs 15mins

The action is set in the East Peking suburb of Flung-Dung, the Western hills of China and desert plains of Egypt. 

Wicked magician Abanazar has ambitions to become the greatest sorcerer of all time and, with knowledge of a powerful genie trapped inside an old oil lamp, somewhere in an enchanted cave in the Western Hills of China, he sets off on a quest to claim it.

But first he must find a young lad known as Aladdin who lives with his mother, Widow Twankey, at their family run laundry in Peking. Aladdin is the chosen one and only he can open the enchanted cave within which the lamp lies. However, the young lad isn’t interested in lamps he’s too busy avoiding arrest by Inspector Lau Zee and his hapless police force for fraternising with the beautiful Princess Ki-Lee.

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A sample of this script is available here.


Character List

Aladdin, our hero 

Wishee Washee, his sister 

Widow Twankey (Lolita), their mother 

The Genie of the Lamp, an enchanted spirit

The Spirit of the Ring, a magical being

Abanazar, a villainous magician 

Donkor, his slave 

Jameela, a camel 

Princess Ki-Lee, our heroine 

The Empress Pang Ting, her regal Grandmother 

Felicity Upmore-Stoppidge, an English Governess to the Royal children 

Inspector Lau Zee, a Chinese Officer, head of Palace security 

PC Du Wan, his assistant 

The Royal Children, Jewel Spirits & Statues, Egyptian Mummies