Characters: 24 featured roles, principals & supporting
Running Time: Approx 1hr 30mins


The action is set in and around the small town of Humbleford.  Samantha Strewth and her best friend, Harriet Chumley, dream of being the next Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson and fill their time solving little mysteries brought to them by their classmates or children from the neighbourhood.

With a string of successfully solved assignments behind them, the two friends are suddenly faced with their greatest challenge yet when Tufty Allsop turns up on their door step claiming that his hamster is in fact a missing geography teacher from the local secondary school, Miss Cropper.

As the strange occurrences continue and more people disappear, Samantha’s investigations lead her to the pet shop on the High Street but will she manage to crack the case before it’s too late? 


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Character List

Samantha Strewth, super sleuth
Harriet Chumley, her friend and assistant
Tommy ‘Tufty’ Allsop, the owner of a new hamster
Spencer Dwight, a paper boy
Tiffany ‘Tiff’ Snell, a local teenage girl
Vanessa ‘Nessa’ Curry, Tiff’s best friend
Miss Julie Pinkerton, pet shop owner
Miss Diane Crouch, her business partner
Joanna Strewth, Samantha’s mum
Bruce Strewth, Samatha’s dad
Lottie Strewth, Samantha’s younger sister
Lily Ruggles, Lottie’s best friend
Reese ‘Midge’ Midgely, a teenage lad 
Trixie Briggs, a little girl who lives next door to Samantha
Imogen Allsop, Tufty’s sister
Jade Denton
Mia Tibbetts Samantha & Harriet’s classmates
Chelsea Moss
Donald Duckworth, owner of a burger van 
Fiona Briggs, the Strewths’ neighbour and Trixie’s mum
Mr Witherspoon, Samantha & Harriet’s teacher
Jackie Badger, a lady who went to school with Miss Pinkerton & Miss Crouch
Adrian Pettigrew, a man who also went to school with the pet shop owners
Mrs Rowbottom, a retired dinner lady