Characters: 8 featured roles


Summer 1995.  Val and Lloyd are preparing for the imminent arrival of their new daughter-in-law’s parents for afternoon tea, and Val is desperate to make an impression. However, the temperature rises and so does her blood pressure as she struggles to cope with the searing heat, a husband who won’t put on a clean shirt, her inferior baking skills and an unwanted houseguest called Russell, an overbearing man she strongly suspects is the lover of her youngest son, Dominic. 


When Cliff and Denise eventually appear, the inevitable strained conversations and uncomfortable silences follow. However, once the initial awkwardness has dissipated and the bucks fizz has started to flow, a real rapport between the two sets of parents is evident and before long a second social gathering has been organised. Unfortunately, the afternoon comes to an abrupt end when the hot weather brings on a funny turn in Denise and the visiting couple have to leave early. 


Under the relentless sun of the next three weeks, a secret that has remained dormant for many years slowly comes to light and threatens to cause irrevocable damage to the seemingly ordinary people involved and change the lives of the two families forever.


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Character List

Dominic Hazeldine (mid 20s)
Russell Swinburne (early 40s)
Valerie Hazeldine (early 50s)
Judy Pratchett (mid 50s)
Lloyd Hazeldine (mid 50s)
Denise Forbes (late 50s)
Cliff Forbes (early 60s)
Faye Pratchett (mid 20s)