Characters: 28 featured roles, principals & supporting (doubling possible)
Running Time: Approx 1 hr 30 mins


The action is set in an enchanted land made up of six Kingdoms: Yelp, Blunder, Cakehole, Spatula, Mollusc and Geranium.


With the Annual Convention of Blackhearted Villains and Fiendish Maniacs only weeks away, the wickedest people from across the six Kingdoms eagerly await news of whether they will be one of the nominees on this year’s shortlist for the Supreme Evil Being Award.


Will reigning champion Countess Spleensplinter be voted for again? Could unscrupulous highway woman Delilah Sharkheart be in with a chance? Has Octavius Beetleblood the Bad cast enough evil spells to make the list? Or perhaps Princess Mina’s obnoxious personality will have secured her a place in the final?


Meanwhile, wannabe hero Cuthbert Privet is looking for a sidekick to join him on his first daring mission . . . 


For more information and prices please contact me here.   A sample of this script is available here.


Character List

The Narrator(s)
Grimolda, Repugnious and Nastidia, the Witches of Yelp
Mr Snottle, a bogeyman 
Queen Ursula, a wicked Queen 
Mrs Slugthrottle, a huntswoman 
Bluebell, Mrs Slugthrottle’s eldest daughter
Snowdrop, Mrs Slugthrottle’s youngest daughter
Princess Mina, daughter of Queen Ursula
Nurse Gutrott, Princess Wendy’s nanny 
Octavius Beetleblood, a villainous wizard
Nitty, Beetleblood’s hench-goblin
Gritty, another hench-goblin
Delilah Sharkheart, an unscrupulous highway woman
Sharon Noggs, Delilah’s accomplice 
Lady Honeybun, a rich lady 
Harriet, Henrietta and Hortenseher Ladyship’s daughters
Bert, the family’s coachman
Countess Spleensplinter, a vampire
Igorini, her faithful servant 
Snitch, Snoop and Sneak, spies for the Countess
Cuthbert Privet, a wannabe hero 
Master Gubbins, Cuthbert’s trainee sidekick