Characters: 32 featured roles, principals & supporting (doubling possible)
Running Time: Approx 1 hr 30 mins


The action is set in and around the little farming town of Damp Flannel which stands in the menacing shadow of the menacing Scumstench Castle.


After years of festering in her ancestral home known as Scumstench Castle, sinister Lady Bloodcurdle undertakes to assemble an army of monsters, collected from under the beds of young children, with a view to lead them in an uprising against human kind. However, in the nearby town of Damp Flannel, Mayor Pooter and other upstanding members of the local community vow to put a stop to Bloodcurdle’s evil plan. After an emergency meeting at the town hall, it is decided to call upon the services of an expert and soon renowned monster hunter, Buffy Van Helsing has arrived to lead a mob to the attack the castle.

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Character List

Miss Ghoulish, a story teller
Lady Calpurnia Bloodcurdle, a supreme being
Noggin, Wibble and Jinx, The Collectors’
Buffy Van Helsing, a monster hunter
Mindy Mottershed, her assistant
Townsfolk of Damp Flannel
Mayor Pooter, head of the town council 
Mavis Twitchen, the town clerk
Miss Curry, a school headmistress
Sergeant Elbow, a policeman
Reverend Trestle, a vicar
Mrs Flan
Mrs Feeble
Mrs Goat
Servants at Scumstench Castle
Dandruff, the butler
Mrs Sourcrust, the cook     
Mildew, a maid
Monsters under the bed
Nora Bone, a werewolf
Cleo, a mummy
Fenella Toadcrumb, a witch
Moulder, a zombie
Skully, a skeleton
Countess Ventricle, a vampire
Crowcackle, a banshee
Yowl, a ghoul
Martha Pink, a girl who is scared of the dark
Mrs Pink, her mother


Children with monsters under their beds