Characters: 24 featured roles, principals & supporting
Running Time: Approx 1 hr 30 mins


The action is set in and around the small town of Butterford. 

Lydia Hector loves words. Every day she is introduced to new and wonderful words which she eagerly notes down in her journal. Later, with the aid of her trusty dictionary, she unites them with their meanings and adds them to her collection.

Lydia is surrounded by colourful characters. There’s Iris, her stroppy teenage sister, who is always on her phone; wild and wacky cousin Milly; her best friend Dora who is going through a tough time with her parents; home-schooled next-door neighbours Clover and Hawthorn; enigmatic Isabella who she sits next to on the bus. Each of these people and many more bring words into Lydia’s life and help shape her unique and fantastic view of the world.


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Character List

Lydia Hector, the Word Collector
Iris, Lydia’s older sister
Milly, their cousin
Bonnie, Lydia’s imaginary friend
Dora, Lydia’s best friend
Lily, Dora’s sister
Leah, Lydia’s friend at Brownies
Isabella, a girl on Lydia’s school bus
Clover, Lydia’s home-schooled friend next door
Hawthorn, Clover’s younger brother


Pupils in Class 5B at Bluebell Road Primary School 
Pupils in Year 8 at Henry Franklin Academy
Caitlin, Iris’ best friend
Poppy, a new girl