Characters:  featured roles, principals & supporting (doubling possible)
Running Time: Approx 1 hr 30 mins


The action is set in England and Egypt in the Summer of 1895.

On an eerie, moonlit night, an eccentric band of adventurers and travellers gather in the drawing room of Twistleton Towers, home of recently widowed Lady Twistleton-Fife. Very soon the reason for her Ladyship’s invite becomes clear when she announces she has a quest for them, and if they except and succeed, she will pay handsomely for their services.

She explains that a curse was placed on her family when her late husband Lord Oscar Twistleton removed the sarcophagus of an Egyptian Pharaoh, known as King Ambidecstrus, from its tomb, separating him from his mother, Queen Nefatutu, and consequently triggered a powerful curse that can only be lifted if the Pharaoh is reunited with his mother. Lady Twistleton-Fife proposes that the assembled company go on an expedition to Egypt to find the sarcophagus of the Queen and bring it back with them. 


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Character List

Montgomery Bladderwicke, a renowned explorer and adventurer
Lady Amelia Twistleton-Fife, wife of the late Lord Twistleton
Daphne Twistleton, her daughter
Professor Granville Hinge, an Egyptologist
Miss Trinket Trelawny, an eminent archaeologist
Sir Trellis Trelawny, her brother and celebrated socialite
Countess Wilhemina Foulfeather, a scheming villainess 
Doctor Rudolph Brimble, historian and reprobate 
Arthur Grasphook, bodyguard and thug
Walter Trikshift, his accomplice
Captain Lester Crankshaw, Captain of the SS Insomnia
Madame Claudette Pungent, a French psychic and medium
Miss Alice Lashings, her friend and travelling companion
Fenuku Farouk, a mysterious Egyptian 
Albert Longbottom, the butler at Twistleton Towers
Rowena Haddock, the cook and housekeeper at Twistleton Towers
Clara Allsop, a maid at Twistleton Towers
Amos Slobber, the innkeeper at the Idle Donkey
Gertrude Slobber, his wife
Myrtle Twigg, a barmaid at the Idle Donkey
Reverend Clement Mugford, the vicar in Crumpleton
Ernest Chudley, a villager
Mary Sapling, another villager
King Ambidectrus, a mummy
Queen Nefatutu, his mummy